Striped Bass Fishing Tournaments - 2014

This section provides information about striped bass fishing tournaments along the Atlantic Coast.

Posted December 17, 2014

Martha's Vineyard Derby Logo

Martha's Vineyard
Derby Logo

The Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby

The dates for the 2014 Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby were September 14 - October 18.

2014 Derby Leaders Are:

Category - Striped Bass
Boat: Vinny Iacono - 39.77 lbs.
Shore: Creanga L. Cosmin - 38.63 lbs.

Category - Bluefish
Boat: Preston A. Butler - 15.00 lbs.
Shore:Michael J. Mulcahy - 15.20 lbs.

Category - Bonito
Boat: Norman E. Bouchard jr. - 10.47 lbs.
Shore: Sebby Keefe - 7.87 lbs.

Category - False Albacore
Boat: Mason Warburton - 13.17 lbs.
Shore: Mary Ann Angelone - 14.65 lbs.

Link to: Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby

Link to: More about Martha"s Vineyard.

To see the book "The Big One," which is all about the Martha's Vineyard Derby follow this link: The Big One.

On The Water Magazine's Striper Cup

Striper Cup Logo

On The Water Magazine

The 2014 On The Water Magazine's Striper Cup Tournament ran from May through September.

2014 Largest Stripers

Peter Vican - 59.48 lbs.

Anthony Pochesci - 50.80 lbs.

Jackson Potts - 48.88 lbs.

Striper Teams
Team Reel Deal-Outcast - 431.0 pts.
Hooker Ink./Kettlebottom - 426.50
Southeast New England Striper team - 426.15 pts

To find out more about this tournament follow this link:
On the Water Striper Cup.

2014 Montauk Surf Fishing Classic

The dates for the 2014 Montauk Surf Fishing Classic were September 26 - 28.

2014 Tournament Results were:
Place Striped Bass Bluefish
1st Rick Zappala - 30.80 lbs. Steve Barrals - 13.40 lbs.
2nd John Manning - 27.82 lbs. Brett Reiner - 12.62 lbs.
3rd Fred Mercurio - 23.68 lbs. Bill Ficsher - 12.48 lbs.

Striped Bass Catch and Release

1st - Bill Wetzel - 45 inches.
2nd - Mike Kandrach - 39 inches
3rd - Brett Reiner - 37 inches

2014 South Shore Surf Fishing Classic

The dates for the 2014 South Shore Classic, a Surf Fishing Tournament for Striped Bass & Bluefish, held at Captree State Park, Long Island, were Oct 17 - 19.

2014 Tournament Results were:
Place Striped Bass Bluefish
1st Rob Heffert - 38 lbs 15 oz. Terry Marburger - 9 lbs 6 oz.
2nd Ziggy Sokolowski- 30 lbs 0 oz.
3rd Jorge Estrada - 21 lbs 13 oz.

Striped Bass Catch and Release

1st - Charlie Vollmer - 43 inches
2nd - Brett Reiner - 38 inches
3rd - Bruno Panaccialli -38 inches
Honorable mention - Andy Richman - 39 inches

2014 Jones Beach Surf Classic

The dates for the 2014 Jones Beach Surf Fishing Classic were Nov 7 - 9.

2014 Tournament Results were:
Place Striped Bass Bluefish
1st Henry Montague - 35.18 lbs. Mitch Siegel - 11.20 lbs.
2nd Bill Fischer - 30.98 lbs. Dan Turdo - 10.51 lbs.
3rd Andy Richmond - 23.06 lbs. Herman Cacares - 10.41 lbs.

Babylon NY 2014 Autumn Surf Fishing Cup

The dates for this tournament, hosted by the Paumonak Surfcasters, were from 6 PM October 31 to 12 PM November 2. Fishing boundaries were from the Sore Thumb to West Gilgo.

Tournament Results

1st Lorraine Stephens - 37.6 lb. striper, 2nd Kevin Donahue - 35.9 lb. striper, 3rd Peter Fraker - 31.5 lb. striper.

44 people fished in the tournament with 28 striped bass reported.

Frank Fama

Frank Fama

Hudson River Fishermen's Association

The 2014 Hudson River Striped Bass Derby was held on April 26th and 27th.

2014 Liberty Derby Tournament Leaderboard
Place Striped Bass Where Caught
1st Frank Fama - 42.25 lb. Atlantis
2nd Frank Notto - 37.00 lb. Atlantis
3rd Thomas Gramza - 36.00 lb. Atlantis
4th Gerard Scarpati - 36.00 lb. Croton
5th Chris Vargo - 35.88 lb. Croton Released

To find out more about this tournament follow this link: HRFA.

2014 FCA Manhattan Cup

Manhattan Cup

The 2014 Manhattan Cup tournament will be held on Friday, May 16th.

The tournament will be held at the Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City.

The Manhatten Cup has been rescheduled due to severe weather. New date is Friday May 30th.

2013 Winners were:

Manhattan Cup Fishermen

Mnhattan Cup Fishermen

Largest Striped Bass Caught on Bait - Dave Wanamaker with Capt. Jason Dapra 30.96 lbs.

Largest Striped Bass Caught on Articicial - Anthony Davino with Capt. Brian Goulart 14.44 lbs.

Largest Striped Bass Caught on Fly - Robert Place with Capt. Joe Shastay
13.77 lbs.

Largest Striped Bass Live Release - Chris Cuomo with Capt. Andy LoCasio 21.2 lbs.

To see more about this tournament and more winners, follow this link: 2014 Manhattan Cup.

Hi-Mar Striper Club Striped Bass Tournaments

Spring Tournament

The 2014 Hi-Mar Annual Spring Striped Bass Fishing Tournament was held on Saturday May 17th from 5:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Capt. Derrick Bielitz, on Fisher Price, won the spring tournament with a two-bass total of 57.4 pounds. This included a 36.2 pound striper, which was the largest striper caught.

Lady Angler Winner: Kristin Dowd - 21 pound striper.

Hi-Mar Striper Club 40 Hour Tournament Logo

Fall Tournament

The 2014 Hi Mar 40 Hour Striped Bass Tournament was held from Oct 24th to Oct 26th.

Hi-Mar Striper Club Fishermen

2014 Hi-Mar Striper Club Fall Tournament Winners

2014 Fall 40 Hour Tournament Results
Place Boat Captain Weight - 2 fish
1st Twinz Tom Parillow 70.4 bs.
2nd Chompers James Kastner 62.6 lbs.
3rd Johhny Fish John Albanese 62.0 lbs.
4th Tyman Chuck Many 60.6 lbs.
5th Feeling Crabby Ryan and Gregg Taffet 55.8 lbs.

Female Angler Winner: Laurajane Kastner - 20.8 pound striper.

Junior Angler Winner: Mark Hecth Jr. - 24.2 pound striper.

Overall largest fish - Jeff Sutton - 41.8 Pound striper.

To see more about Hi-Mar Striper Club fishing tournaments follow this link: Hi-Mar Striper Club

Jersey Coast Shark Anglers Logo

Jersey Coast Shark Anglers' Striped Bass Tournament

Every Year the Jersey Coast Shark Anglers hold a Striped Bass Fishing Tournament.

To see information about this tournament follow this link: Jersey Coast Shark Anglers

Berkeley Striper Club Logo

Berkeley Striper Club
Striped Bass Fishing Tournaments

The Berkeley Striper Club Holds both a spring and fall striped bass fishing tournament.

To see information about these tournaments follow this link: Berkeley Striper Club

LBI Surf Fishing Classic Logo

Gordon K.

Gordon K.

2014 Long Beach Island
Surf Fishing Classic

The 2014 LBI Surf Fishing Classic was held from Oct. 6 to Nov. 30.

During the tournament 46 striped bass and 7 bluefish were weighed in.

2014 Winners, Striped Bass:

1st - Bill Bannon - 39 lbs. 9 oz.
2nd - Ed Youse - 33 lbs. 2 oz.
3rd - Joseph Ford - 29 lbs. 9 oz.

2014 Winners, Bluefish:

1st - Jason Hoch - 14 lbs.
2nd - Nick Sabatino - 11 lbs. 15 oz.
3rd - Don Procida - 11 lbs. 3 oz.

To see more about this tournament follow this link: LBI Surf Fishing Classic

NJ Gov Fishing Tournament

2014 NJ Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament

The 2014 NJ Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament, was held at Island Beach State Park, on Sunday, May 18th.

The tournament was a huge success - 194 fish were caught.

2014 Winner

Chris Follmer won the 2014 NJ Governor's Cup with a 36 inch bluefish.

Evan Alexoudis caught the largest striped bass - 33 ¼ inches.

For more information follow this Link:
NJ Gov

2014 MSSA Championship on the Chesapeake

The 2014 MSSA Spring Tournament, "Championship on the Chesapeake", was held from May 2-4.

Alan Mansfield - MSSA Chapionship of the Chesapeake

2014 Tournament Results
Amateur Division Main Tournament

Largest Rockfish:


1st Place - Gene Walker - 48.8 lbs.
2nd place - Brad Enerson - 47.65 lbs.
3rd place - Andrew Wendell - 47.15 lbs.
4th place - Gary McQuity - 46.95 lbs.
5th place - Phil Gerber - 46.35 lbs.

To find out more about this tournament, follow this link: MSSA.

2014 MSSA Chesapeake Bay Fall Classic

The 2014 MSSA Chesapeake Bay Fall Classic, The Bay's Largest Rockfish Tournament, was held from Nov 21st to 23rd.

Josh Suchter

Josh Suchter - 1st Place

The largest fish caught in the tournament was a 46.6 lb. striped bass caught by Josh Suchter.

To find out more about this tournament follow this link: MSSA.

"The Fisherman" 2014 Dream Boat Fishing Challenge

This tournament is open to all subscribers to The Fisherman Magazine.
In runs from April 15th through November 30th.

2014 Tournament Standings
Place Striped Bass Bluefish
1st jimmy Bozza - 56.5 lbs. Vinny Iacuone - 21.80 lbs.
2nd Wade Baker - 56.1 lbs. David Foster - 21.25 lbs.
3rd Jack Martin - 56.05 lbs. Brian Cleary - 20.00 lbs.
4th Fred Heydorn - 55.5 lbs. Anthony Muia - 20.00 lbs.
5th Robert Gieson - 55.00 lbs. Michael Mc Grath- 19.60 lbs.

In 2013, Brian Stafford won the 2013 Dreamboat Challenge Grand Prize, a Cobia 217 Center console with a Yamaha 150 HP motor. Brian qualified for the drawing with his 3rd place 57.13 pound yellowfin tuna.

Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout

Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout

The 12th Annual Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout will held from January 8th to 10th, 2015, at Virginia Beach, Virginia.

2014 Rockfish Shootout


2014 Results
- January 9th to 11th.

No fish were weighed in during the 2014 three day 11th annual Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout. The tournament payout was awarded Saturday night by raffle at the tournament banquet held at the Surfside Inn.

Previous Year

During the 2013 three day tournament, ony one striper was weighed in. The poor fishing during that tournament was stated to be because the striped bass were all out in the ocean beyound the 3 mile limit.

To find out more about this tournament follow this link:
Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout..

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