Popper Striped Bass Fishing Lures


Stillwater Smack-IT, Knuckle-Head, and Gibbs Pencil Popper

Top: Stillwater Smack-It.
Middle: Knuckle-Head.
Bottom: Gibbs Pencil Popper.

Poppers are a "Must Have" in your lure bag for striped bass fishing. Use them when the striped bass are feeding near the surface.

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About Poppers

Poppers are one of the best lures to use when you go fishing for striped bass. If you suspect that the stripers are near the surface, choose a popper as your lure. The best thing about fishing with poppers is seeing the fish hit the lure. This is exciting fishing.

There are numerous types of poppers. Some are more aerodynamic than others. Pencil poppers are very streamlined, so they cut through the air easily, and you can cast them far. If a blitz is going on, the action is on the surface and you have to cast a long way, select a pencil popper.

Super Strike popper

Yellow Super Strike Popper

On a recent trip to Montauk, many fishermen were throwing bucktails at blitzing fish, but many others were catching stripers on yellow Super Strike poppers.

Poppers are also great for throwing near and around sod banks at first light, or near dusk. The Smack-It and Knuckle-Head
work well for this type of fishing. These poppers both have built in rattles. When you chug them along the surface they not only create a disturbance in the water that may attract a striper, but they also generate a rattling sound that the striper may think is the dinner bell.

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Guides Secret Poppers

Baby Bottle PoP   Poppa Pencil

   Baby Bottle Pop            Poppa Pencil

The Baby Bottle PoP is a small popper, a good choice when fishing with light weight tackle for schoolie size striped bass. The Poppaa Pencil is a larger popper, a good choice when the prevailing bait is adult bunker and larger stripers are around,