Swim Shad Striped Bass Fishing Lures

Swim Shads

Storm WildEye Shad Fishing Lures

Swim Shads are great striped-bass fishing lures. They are very realistic and look just like the baitfish they are designed to imitate. Swim Shads, like these Storm WildEye Swim Shad lures, are especially deadly when bunker are around.

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About Swim Shad Striped Bass Fishing Lures

Swim Shads are one of the best lures to use for striped bass fishing. They look more like the baitfish they are trying to imitate than almost any other lure. Storm WildEye Swim Shads are molded in such a way that the coloring and design are impregnated. The body is internally weighted and is given a halographic effect so that it looks like, and glistens like, real fish scales. Also, you are not going to alter the shape putting a hook into it; the hook is molded in as well.

These lures have a flexible tail that wiggles when the lure is retrieved through the water. Thus, you don't have to do a lot of funny jigging or jerking the rod to give the lure action. After you cast, let the lure sink to the depth that you think the fish are, then swim the lure back using a slow steady retrieve. The lures paddle tail will add the action. Do they work? They sure do. The only objection to these lures is that bluefish love them too, and after catching a couple of bluefish they are pretty beat up and need replacing.

Swim Shads are not the best lures to use when bluefish are around. Bluefish tend to bite the rear end off of Swim Shads, often missing the hook.

Swim Shads don't sink as fast as bucktails, and if the water is not too deep this is sometimes a good thing. They are easier to keep at the depth you desire.

 Storm Swim Shad Fishing Lures

Swim Shads now come in different versions and sizes to imitate most baitfish. The Storm Wildeye Swim Shad is used mainly as a menhaden imitation rather than a shad.

Storm now has a WildEye Live P'Nut Bunker, a shorter, chubby lure to imitate a peanut bunker, and a longer thinner model, WildEye Live Herring, to imitate a sea herring. These are shown on the right.

The most popular Swim Shads are the Storm WildEye Swim Shads, but other manufacturers are now making similar lures. For example: Tsunami as shown below.

 Tsunami Swim Shad Fishing Lures

Tsunami Swim Shad

Swim Shads are often used as the artificial baits on umbrella rigs and Mojo rigs.

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