Surf Fishing For Striped Bass

This section and its subsections provide information about surf fishing for striped bass.

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Their are numerous ways to fish for striped bass from the surf.
These Include:

  • Fishing Bait from the Surf While Standing
  • Fishing Bait from the Surf With Spiked Rods
  • Throwing Lures from the Shore
  • Fishing from Jetties
  • Fishing from Shores That Have Rocky Bottoms
  • The Easy Way

Photographs of fishing these ways are shown below.

Surf fishing while standing

Surf fishing with bait from the surf while standing. Some fishermen prefer to fish this way, as they like to feel the fish biting.

Surf fishing with a spiked rod

Fishing with bait from the surf with spiked rods. If you use circle hooks, stripers will hook themselves as they turn after picking up your bait.

Surf Fisherman Throwing Lures

Throwing lures from the beach. This is a very fun way to fish, and is the favorite way for many fishermen.

Fishing From a Jetty

Fishing fom jetties. Baitfish hang out around jetties and striped bass come looking for them there.

Surf Fishing at Montauk, NY

Surf fishing at Montauk. Montauk is one of the best places to surf fish for striped bass.

Surf Fishing at Montauk, NY

Many places don't have sandy beaches, so the surf fishermen and fisherwomen must navigate rocky bottoms. For example this place at Montauk.

Surf Fishing the easy way NJ

Surf fishing the easy way. Surf fishing doesn't always have to be such a strenuous activity.

Some surf fishermen fish many, or all of these ways, depending on the place and season. Surf fishing for striped bass is fun however you do it.

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Book - Ultimate Guide to Surf Casting

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Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting
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Casting distance is the key to successful surf fishing. In The Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting, Ron Arra - five-time winner of the United States surfcasting championship - reveals the techniques that made him a casting champion, and explains how to apply these skills under genuine fishing conditions on the beach, as well as on the tournament field. Arra fully explains techniques for the off-the-beach cast, the overhead beach cast, the modified pendulum cast, the light-tackle cast, and many more.

Ron Arra is the first person in America to cast more than 700 feet and was also the first person to cast nearly 800 feet across the Cape Cod Canal in 1989.


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