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Striped Bass Fishing

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The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing
by Nick Karas - 2016

Striped Bass - in fresh and salt water - are one of the world's greatest gamefish, and The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing is the fullest, most authoritative, most helpful book ever written on the species. Nick Karas, one of the world's great experts on the striped bass, offers proven techniques for more successful fishing. He details fishing from the surf; from boats; from bank, pier, jetty, and bridge - with all kinds of tackle and methods. And he takes an especially careful look at the growing popularity of fly rodding for stripers, fishing at night, and even how to catch striped bass in fresh water.

Fish on the Move

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Fish on the Move
by Megan Pallei - 2015

Written specifically for young children, Fish On The Move outlines the migratory habits of Atlantic striped bass. In this beautifully illustrated hardcover our next generation of fisherman will follow striped bass up the east coast and back again; learning about the fish's origins, diet, and migratory habits along the way. Whether you're an avid fisherman, nature lover, or simply a parent looking for a rhythmic bedtime story, Fish on the Move is sure to delight.

Book: THe Right Stuff

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The Right Stuff - Gear and Attitude for Trophy Light Tackle
by Shawn Kimbro - 2015

"Anglers with the right stuff know how to make bad days good and good days great." - In this in-depth follow-up to his top-selling Chesapeake Light Tackle, Shawn Kimbro explains the techniques, traits, and attitudes of highly successful Mid-Atlantic fishermen.

Book - Caught: One Man's Maniacal Pursuit of a Sixty Pound Striped Bass

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Caught: One Man's Maniacal Pursuit of a Sixty Pound Striped Bass
by Capt. Jeff Nichols - 2013

"The Book "Caught" is an eye-opening account of the black market striped bass industry, and a vivid portrayal of one man's fishing addiction that contributed to it. With chapters like 'The Full Moon Beckons Like a Crack Pipe,' the reader is drawn into the world of obsessive striped bass fishing and this angler's eventual descent into the underground market to support the ever-growing expenses of his fishing habit. But it's the Striped Bass as a species that suffer the most, as stocks are - once again - pushed into decline." --John Skinner,, author of "A Season on the Edge"

Book, Bass Buff - a Striper Fishing Obsession Guide

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Bass Buff - A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide
by Capt. Tom Mikoleski - 2013

Bass Buff-A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide is a no-nonsense honest look at boat fishing techniques used to catch striped bass. It's organized in such a way that the reader can find and absorb each technique and then easily cross reference the technique, thus understanding at a glance why each tackle set up is best for a given angling approach. The author is an extremely skilled angler who appreciates that he wasn't born with a rod and reel in his hand, and that his journey from beginner to pro was an exciting
and prolonged learning curve.

Book, Rudrow's Guide to modern Jigging

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Rudrow's Guide to Modern Jigging
by Lenny Rudrow - 2012

Jigging may be an ancient technique, but it's also the hottest, newest way to fish. Thanks to advances in tackle technology and the development of new methods like speed jigging, meat jigging, and yo-yoing, today you can target everthing from panfish to pelagics with light tackle that's comfortable to use even on the biggest fish. And jigging will, at times, be far more effective than any other tactic you can apply. Are you ready to target tuna? Set your sights on stripers? Jig up giant golden tilefish? Then join well-known fishing author Lenny Rudow in this detailed examination of modern jigging techniques, equipment, lures, and lines. As usual, Rudow pulls no punches, explaining techniques with thorough instructions, naming his favorite rods, reels, and jigs by brand, and examining specific species on a case-by-case basis.

Book, Striperman

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by Sherwood Lincoln - 2012

1st edition new book - Author fished Stripers for 40 years - Many secrets & tips on catching jumbo stripers.

  • Pro-Tips to catch the biggest stripers
  • Techniques never seen in print
  • The life story of a striper addict

Book, Fishing the Bucktail - mastering Bucktaiks from Surf and Boat

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Fishing the Bucktail, Mastering Bucktails from Surf and Boat
by John Skinner - 2011

Bucktail jigs are often called the world's most versatile lures because they'll catch almost any species of fish and work under a wide variety of conditions. In what is unquestionably the most comprehensive book on bucktailing ever written, expert angler and fishing writer John Skinner brings the reader along on an in-depth look at bucktail techniques and strategies in a variety of settings from surf, boat, and kayak. Ocean beaches, deep rips, shallow inshore waters, and rocky shorelines are among the environments explored in pursuit of striped bass, bluefish, and fluke. Chapters on bucktail jig composition and construction will enable readers to choose, build, and customize jigs for their specific applications. This book is a must read for all anglers who want to take their fishing to the next level.

Book, Over-Winter Striper Secrets

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Over-Winter Striper Secrets
by Capt. Al Anderson - 2009

Not all striped bass migrate. Some stay around during the winter.
Capt. Al Anderson calls these holdovers, or Over-Winter stripers. In this book he shows you where to find them, and how to catch them.

Book - The Big One

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The Big One
by David Kinney - 2009

David Kinney's "The Big One" tells the story of a bunch of hardcore anglers during the 62nd annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby contest. Throughout the September and October contest, Mr. Kinney, a Pulitzer prize-winning Philadelphia journalist and Haddonfield, NJ resident, traveled on the shore and the water documenting the drama of the most celebrated fishing contest on the East Coast and that pays a $30,000 grand prize.

Grown men have cried over the derby. They
have ignored their wives for week after week, sleepwalked through work day after day, stayed up all night long, skipped out on their jobs altogether, drawn unemployment, burned through every last day of their vacation time, downed NoDoz and Red Bull and God knows what else. They have spied on their rivals and lied to their friends. They have told off strangers and cheated like lowlife bums.

Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks Studios has picked up the film rights to The Big One, and is working with producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (the duo behind Transformers) to bring it to the screen.

Book - Monster Shallow Water Stripers

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Monster Shallow Water Stripers
by Capt. Jim White - 2009

Whether you fish for stripers with a fly, plug, or bait, this comprehensive resource for catching trophy fish in shallow water will become an indispensable guide.

Captain Jim White shares his wisdom from over forty years of chasing and fishing for striped bass with the best in the business, including Shaw Grigsby, Lefty Kreh, Dan Blanton,
Nick Curcione, and Bob Popovics. This book includes chapters on rigging and presentation, the best lures and flies, fishing the flats and estuaries, finding and targeting large fish, and boat electronics written by a master angler. If you are looking to catch a fish of a lifetime-whether you target stripers in the Northeast or on the West Coast, or fish stillwaters across the country for hybrids--this book is essential reading.

Book - Fishing Saltwater Baits

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Fishing Saltwater Baits
by Eric Burnley - 2009

Consistently the most effective way to catch saltwater gamefish is to use the time-honored method of natural baits. Yet baits must be selected with care and fished correctly to produce results. This will be the only book available on what is the most common way to catch saltwater fish: natural bait.

Book - The Striped Bass 60+ Pound Club

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The Striped Bass 60 + Pound Club
by Tony Checko - 2008

Catching a 60-pound striped bass by rod and reel is a rare event.

Tony Checko relates the stories of dedicated striped bass fishermen who have spent days, months and even years seeking such a special trophy.

Book - Fishing Diamond Jigs and Bucktails

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Fishing Diamond Jigs and Bucktails: How to Fish the World's Most Versatile Saltwater Lures
by Tom Migdalski - 2009

Diamond jigs and bucktails are two of the most effective lures used by East Coast saltwater boat fishermen.
This is the first book to detail the many subtleties of fishing these lures for a wide range of saltwater gamefish. Every saltwater boat fishermen has these lures on board.

Book - Striper Chronicles

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Striper Chronicles: East Coast Surf Fishing Legends & Adventures
by Leo N. Orsi, Jr. - 2008

Experience the salt-water fishing experience that is part of every
New Englander's dream.

Book - Fishing Soft Baits in 

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Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater by Pete Barrett - 2008

More and more fishermen are turning to a different style of lure to pursue fish: using soft-plastic imitations that out-fish traditional lures and baits. Fishing this lures takes knowledge and skill to do it right, which Pete Barrett provides in abundance in Fishing Baits in Saltwater. Learn the secrets of trolling, jigging, drifting and casting soft baits for all types of fish, plus rigging techniques, adding colors, skirts, eyes and hooks, rigging plastic bucktails, tube rigs, shrimp, Slug-Go's, shads, offshore techniques, and much more. Chapters on tackle and tips and tricks for the soft-bait angler round out this excellent, practical guide.

Book - Trolling for Striped Bass and Bluefish

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Trolling for Striped Bass and Bluefish
by Pete Barrett - 2007

Here is a definitive guide for the boating angler on trolling for striped bass and bluefish. Pete covers outfitting the boat and the angler, selecting the most effective trolling lures, and the choice of line for trolling. Pete also explains how to use planars and downriggers to increase your trolling performance. He also covers trolling strategy, essential tactics for fighting and landing fish, and much more.

Book - Rockfish

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Rodow's Guide to Rockfish
by Lenny Rudow - 2007

The striped bass - rockfish, to anglers living in this fish's southern range - is the most popular inshore gamefish in the mid-Atlantic region. This book is dedicated to one thing - helping you catch more striped bass. Make that two things, because I'm sure you want to catch bigger ones, too. In Rudow's Guide to Rockfish, we'll pick apart the factors that have an effect on the way you fish: tidal patterns, water quality, sun & moon, weather changes, and the like. We'll detail each of the major tactics used by recreational & professional anglers and discuss which is the most effective when, where, and why. You'll learn Rudow's to 10 hotspots for catching stripers, and why each of these locations offers an opportunity to enjoy the striper fishing of a lifetime.

Book - The Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing

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The Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing
by Al Ristori - 2012

This complete book contains valuable information on more than 125 popular saltwater gamefish species. Includes tips and insights on selecting the correct rods and reels for each gamefish, an overview on terminal tackle, easy-to-follow illustrations of knots and rigging, conventional and fly-fishing techniques, a lowdown on boats and marine electronics, and a section on marine conservation and how you can help protect our gamefish populations.

Book - Kayak Fishing: The Complete Guide

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Kayak Fishing: The Complete Guide
by Cory Routh - 2008

This guide gives you a quick, clear understanding of the essential information youll need to get started in the growing sport of kayak fishing. Routh covers everything you will need to know for safe, fun and successful kayak fishing, including choosing the right kayak for fishing, kayak safety, basic paddle strokes, choosing the right fishing gear, tides and currents, finding fish, and more. It also includes kayak fishing instructor and guide listings.

Book - Light Tackle Trolling the Chesapeake

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Light Tackle Kayak Trolling the
Cheapeake Bay by Alan Battista - 2014

Light Tackle Kayak Trolling the Chesapeake Bay: A Guide to Gear, Location and Trolling Tactics for Striped Bass is the first book devoted exclusively to this exciting sport. Advances in kayak technology have made catching trophy striped bass a reality of which many anglers are not aware. Shallow water, stealth, light tackle and huge fish make this not only the most productive but also the most exciting method of catching striped bass that I know. Throughout this book you will learn everything that you need to land the big one.

The Complete Kayak Fisherman

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The Complete Kayak Fisherman
by Ric Burnley - 2007

In saltwater and fresh, kayaks are the hottest craft for fishermen. Inexpensive and versatile, they enable fishermen to reach waters and fish that cannot be reached otherwise. This book delivers all the practical knowledge fishermen need to know, from outfitting the kayak to specific angling techniques.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced yak fisherman, this book is a great read and can make you an even better kayaker. It reads as if you are talking with a pro inside a kayak shop.

Book - Kayak Fishing

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The Ultimate Guide To
Kayak Fishing
by Scott Null and Joel McBride - 2007

Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in North America, thanks to the kayak's ease of use and the access it offers anglers to new and otherwise inaccessible waters - and The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing is the most comprehensive book on the sport. Captain Scott Null and Joel McBride draw on their vast experience in both kayaking and fishing to give the new kayak angler a solid foundation of skills and concepts that will allow a safe and comfortable entry into the sport. Scott and Joel also offer a wealth of tips and tricks that will help more experienced anglers get the most out of their time spent on the water.

Book - New England Stripers

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New England Stripers - A Fishing Anthology
by Gene Bourque - 2005

In the long and rich history of saltwater fishing, few species are as close to the hearts of anglers as the mighty striped bass. More than two dozen of the best striper anglers and writers from On The Water magazine tell you how, where and when to catch this storied gamefish. Also included are insights into the culture and personalities that make striper fishing a lifelong pursuit for
many along the beaches and rocky ledges, and the rips off coastal New England.

Book - Fishing With Bucktails

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Fishing with Bucktails
by William A. Muller - 2005

The ultimate guide to fishing with bucktails. Boat - Surf - Light tackle - bays - inlets. About the author - William A. "Doc" Muller is one of the most dedicated and successful surf fisherman on the east coast. During over 20 years of surf fishing competition, he has won 73 first place finish awards. Doc has been an outdoor writer since 1973 and has been an active member of the Outdoor writes association of america during that time., His articles have appeared many times in serveral national magazines.

The Striped Bass Book

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The Striped Bass Book
by Milt Rosco - 2002

Milt claims this book includes every technique he could put into words in a cohesive and coherent manner that will help you enjoy striped bass fishing. His enthusiasm is catchy. He stresses fishing for fun, and being contemplative and not competitive. When surf fishing Milt suggests avoiding the crowds and finding a quiet spot.

Book - Fishing the Big Four

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Fishing the Big Four: A
Guide for Saltwater Anglers
by Milt Rosco - 2001

A very useful guide for fishing for bluefish, stripers , fluke and weakfish. Full of great fishing knowledge for the beginner and advanced saltwater angler. Covers fishing with live, natural and artificial baits from both boat and shore using various methods.

The Complete Book of Light Tackle Fishing

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The Complete Book of Light Tackle Fishing
by Mark Sosin - 2000

Mark Sosin has distilled light-tackle fishing to its essence, wrote the late A. J. McClane. You'll find yourself dog-earing the pages of this book for its technical wizardry. There is little margin for error in light-tackle fishing, and every aspect of the pursuit becomes critical. That's why Sosin explores the method in such great detail - how to choose and care for the best rods, reels, and lines; the most effective knots; and how to play, land, and release the major game fish. Major chapters include information on: how to entice fresh and saltwater fish with lures; tips and techniques for fishing from boat or shore; fishing with all major types of bait; how to find and catch fish in rivers, bays, estuaries, and in the surf; night fishing, jigging, trolling, chumming; and much more. The Complete Book of Light-Tackle Fishing is the most thorough book devoted to the art of taking fish with the lightest lines. This book is sure to help increase any angler's skills.

Book - ON The Run

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On The Run
by David DiBenedetto - 2003

The author takes three months off from work during 2001 and fishes the fall migration of striped bass from Bath, Maine on the Kennebec River to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. On the way he visits many interesting places and meets lots of colorful characters. He also catches many striped bass.

Reviews of this book all give it 4 stars.

Book - Saltwater Fishing A Tactical Approach

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Saltwater Fishing A Tactical Approach - A guide For Northeast Beach and Boat Fisherman by Captain Jim Freda, Captain Gene Quigley, Shell E. Caris - 2004

Three of New Jersey's best-known charter captains reveal the secrets that make them successful, revealing hard-earned techniques to help any angler catch more fish. The authors own and operate Shore Catch Guide Service of Manasquan, New Jersey, and are frequent contributors to 'The Fisherman' and other outdoor publications.

Book - Striped Bass Fishing

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The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing
by Nick Karas - 2000

Nick Karas, one of the world's great experts on the striped bass, offers proven techniques for more successful fishing. He details fishing from the surf; from boats; from bank, pier, jetty, and bridge - with all kinds of tackle and methods. And he takes an especially careful look at the growing popularity of fly rodding for stripers, fishing at night, and even how to catch striped bass in fresh water. An entire section of the book is devoted to tackle - where he takes a thorough look at the best rods, reels, lines, hooks, live and natural baits, artificial lures, accessory equipment of all kinds, bass boats, and the most innovative and practical beach vehicles.

The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing offers a comprehensive look at every aspect of the striped bass, making it a book that no one who fishes for this great gamefish will want to be without, and the essential book for all striped-bass enthusiasts.

Book - Saltwater Strategies

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Striped Bass Fishing: Salt Water Strategies - 2000

This is a compilation of articles on striped bass fishing from the experts at Salt Water Sportsman Magazine. Learn what it takes to catch the aggressive and powerful striped bass. Striped Bass Fishing: Salt Water Strategies includes invaluable advice from experts like as Nick Karas, Al Ristori, Vin Sparano and Lou Tabory and editors at Salt Water Sportsman magazine, like Rip Cunningham, Tom Richardson and Barry Gibson. The tips and techniques you'll learn
from this highly skilled and experienced group will guide you to more and larger striped bass wherever you fish.

Book - Inshore Salt Water Fishing

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Inshore Salt Water Fishing
by Salt Water Sportsman Magazine - 2001

Learn where to find and how to catch over 40 species of inshore fish that swim in the waters of the coastal United States. INSHORE SALT WATER FISHING provides a wealth of information from the editors and authors at Salt Water Sportsman Magazine. These are the guys who are out there doing it, and they pass their knowledge on to you in the pages of this book. Experts such as John Bownlee, Angelo & Abe Cuanang, Bob McNally, Al Ristori, Dave Vedder and Tom Waters, along with Salt Water Sportsman staff members Barry Gibson and Tom Richardson, give you all the information needed to catch more and bigger inshore fish.


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