Guides Choice Saltwater Fishing Lures

Some new lures from Guides Choice Tackle by Capt. Frank Crescitelli and his design team are getting a lot of well deserved attention by striped bass fishermen. These include the Guides Secret Old School Swimmer and Bunka Boy.

Old-School Swimmers

Guides Choice Old Scool Swimmers

Guides Secret Old-School Swimmer

Since I can't find Mega Bait lures anymore I often use Guides Secret Old-School Swimmers. Old-School Swimmers are a little heavier than Bombers, at 1.375 oz., which means you can cast them further. They are 6 ¼ in. long and have a built in rattle. They also have a fin on top that gives them a unique swimming action.

These are floating lures that work well near the surface when retrieved slowly. A fast retrieve makes these lures have an erratic shake and wobble, causing them to dive several feet down.

Bunka Boy

Guides Choice Bunka Boy

Guides Secret Bunka Boy

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Bunka Boys are the lure of choice when you see stripers or bluefish busting bunker on the surface. They are are large swimming lures, designed to be cast for more distance. They weigh 2 ounces and are 6.625 in. long.

Bunka Boys produce different action based on retrieval style. Reel slowly, rod tip up in calm water and the plug stays on top, producing a wake. A slightly faster retrieve, rod tip down creates an enticing wag and wobble, diving several feet down. The Bunka Boy also has a built in rattle.


All the Guides Secret lures come with top notch hardware and are stainless steel through-wired.

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